NOVAURIS® — The Speech Access Company

Novauris believes that voice will become the interface of choice for consumer applications of all types. Users should be able to ask for information quickly, easily and directly without needing an enrollment process or complicated and time-consuming dialogues.

Our technology lets people search and access information easily by voice … lots of information. Millions of pieces of information, in fact. All by voice. It does this by coupling novel, advanced speech recognition with proprietary, fast search techniques. We have developed core technology targeted at a specific class of voice-enabled applications, namely those that allow access to very large databases with just a single utterance. We call this technology NovaSearch

This unofficial blog will provide articles, editorials, and short notes by the Novauris Team: Yoon Kim (CEO), Melvyn Hunt (Co-founder), and John Bridle (Co-founder).

Yoon Kim has primary responsibility for the company’s strategic business efforts, including sales and marketing, and for US operations. Melvyn Hunt and John Bridle manage operations at our UK headquarters and the company’s research and development activity.

Yoon Kim                     Melvyn Hunt                     John Bridle



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